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Germany turns to the dark side!

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Black regions were won by the conservatives (CDU), red (SPD) and violet (Die Linke)

Source Tagesschau.de – “wahlarchiv.tagesschau.de/wahlen/2009-09-27-BT-DE/kartegross.shtml”

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CDU and FDP win elections in Germany

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Yesterday elections in Germany turned out well for conservative party CDU of Angela Merkel and the liberals FDP. The SPD lost almost a third of their votes. Greens (Grüne) and the Left (Die Linke) improved their results. The Pirate party (Piratenpartei) won 2%, which corresponds to about 900 000 votes.

official preliminary results:

CDU/CSU: 33,8%
SPD: 23,0%
FDP: 14,6%
GRÜNE: 10,7%
LINKE: 11,9%
Piraten: 2,0%

Participation: 70,8%

What does this mean for german and european net politics?
First of all, this was the first german election where net politic played a role thanks to grand coalition (CDU/SPD) laws on Data Retention (Vorratsdatenspeicherung) and Internet Censorship (Internetsperren/Zensursula Gesetz).

The Pirate party clearly could benefit from the movement against these laws. Since the conservatives will form the new government the whole discussion will continue, which is “good” for the Pirates. The FDP promised to stop these laws and we will have to see if they are really interested in doing so or if they won’t be able to prevail. The SPD is becoming more and more irrelevant. With their decisions for internet censorship and data retention they clearly were unvotable for the majority of net avine people in addition they lost their socialist profile during 11 years of unsocial governing. There have to happen big chances in its inner structure to create a new attractive profile that will attract (left) voters in the future. The Greens improved their results but couldn’t profit of the SPD’s weakness as the Linke actually did. It was interesting that the Greens weren’t able to pick up frustrated voters from the net.

Preliminary results of german elections 2009

Prelininary results from sunday 18.42h, source ARD Tagesschau.

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apt-get install hadopi

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True, there seemed to be problems on installing the HADOPI packages 😉

albanel@majors$ sudo apt-get install hadopi
Lecture des listes de paquets… Fait
Construction de l’arbre des dépendances
Lecture des informations d’état… Fait
Les paquets supplémentaires suivants seront installés :
lib-bypass-constitution-francaise lib-propagande
E Les paquets suivants ont des dépendances non satisfaites : hadopi dépend de lo
bby-vivendi, mais lobby-vivendi est en conflit avec lib-information-impartiale.
Les actions suivantes permettront de résoudre ces dépendances :
Accepter cette solution [O/n] ? O

Les paquets suivants seront enlevés :
lib-presomption-d-innocence lib-droits-de-la-defense
lib-separation-des-pouvoirs lib-information-impartiale
Les NOUVEAUX paquets suivants seront installés :
hadopi lib-bypass-constitution-francaise lib-propagande
lib-autorite-administrative-avec-tous-les-droits lobby-vivendi
0 mis à jour, 5 nouvellement installés, 4 à enlever et 0 non mis à jour.
Il est nécessaire de prendre 70 heures de débat à l’Assemblée Nationale et un no
mbre indéterminé d’heures de propagande dans les médias.
Après cette opération, 500000€ d’argent public supplémentaires seront utilisés.
Souhaitez-vous continuer [O/n] ? O

Suppression de lib-presomption-d-innocence…
Suppression de lib-droits-de-la-defense…
Suppression de lib-separation-des-pouvoirs…
Suppression de lib-information-impartiale…

Read on

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We Got It!

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Finally french parliament voted for HADOPI2. Not really a surprise.

The following video (french!) summarizes the law and shows obvious risks and its misleading policy of criminalizing internet users.

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French UMP calls for Internet Censorship after Verbal “Faux Pas”

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The french conservative party UMP is calling for more regulations on content distributed on the internet, which would be basically censorship. This happens after a video came up that shows their minister for interior, Brice Hortefeux, saying about arabic citizens that “You need them. When there is one it is ok. If there is more, then you get problems.”

“Il en faut toujours un. Quand il y en a un ça va. C’est quand il y en a beaucoup qu’il y a des problèmes”.

As always, the messenger is the problem and not the message itself! Henri Guaino, advisor of Nicolas Sarkozy, said at France Info that the internet must not be a zone of no laws, immorality and no values.

«Internet ne peut être la seule zone de non-droit, de non-morale de la société, la seule zone où aucune des valeurs habituelles qui permettent de vivre ensemble ne soient acceptées».

Of course, no reflection at all about the immoral character of Mr. Brice Hortefeux statement, nor any excuse. In the contrary there is a movement starting up called “Il faut sauver Brice Hortefeux” – “Saving Brice Hortefeux”, since vicious internet media does not allow any moments of looseness and moments of humor. Maybe Mr. Hortefeux should just stop making such “jokes” about people of the arabic community.

Video of MR. Brice Hortefeux at Seignosse dans les Landes (France South West).

Animation movies: “Du bist Terrorist” and “Rette deine Freiheit”

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Two very enlightening videos by Alexander Lehman about recent german law policies that will enforce the restriction of digital civil rights.

A parody  of the german campaign “Du bist Deutschland” – “You are Germany” criticizing surveillance and censorship laws.

And another detailed and ironic illustration of different upcoming laws.

Rette deine Freiheit – Save your Liberty(Unfortunately not yet available in english)

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Freedom Not Fear – Freiheit statt Angst – Demonstration

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Saturday the 12/09/2009 the “Freiheit statt Angst” (Freedom Not Fear) demonstration took place in Berlin.

  • all in all 25.000 participants demonstrating agains surveillance
  • “Freiheit statt Angst” (“Freedom not Fear) is a huge success

At 6.15 pm, the final manifestation started with the Band Mono & Nikitaman after a two hours march through Berlin.

The organisers, an alliance consisting of 167 organisationen from all possible civil grous, said this was “a great succes”, especially because last week was already a big demonstrations against nuclear power. “This shows that the citizens are not tired of politics, they just do not trust the ruling policy”, says Rena Tangens from the media team of the organizers. “Now, we have to take care that the surveillance laws, like data retention, have to be abolished – in Germany and whole of Europe.”

“A Policy which considers everybody to be a possible terrorist, child abuser or killer, destroys the basis of our democracy”, said Franziska Heine at the final manifestation. She initiated an online petition against censorship in the internet. Other speakers also talked about an electronic file about every student, storing information about the students and the electronical health card, storing information about every patient.

Here is link to the AKVorrat organization with more detailed information about civil rights in digital times.

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Hello World! :)

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!