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Freedom Not Fear – Freiheit statt Angst – Demonstration

Posted in Uncategorized by s3k0nd on 14/09/2009

Saturday the 12/09/2009 the “Freiheit statt Angst” (Freedom Not Fear) demonstration took place in Berlin.

  • all in all 25.000 participants demonstrating agains surveillance
  • “Freiheit statt Angst” (“Freedom not Fear) is a huge success

At 6.15 pm, the final manifestation started with the Band Mono & Nikitaman after a two hours march through Berlin.

The organisers, an alliance consisting of 167 organisationen from all possible civil grous, said this was “a great succes”, especially because last week was already a big demonstrations against nuclear power. “This shows that the citizens are not tired of politics, they just do not trust the ruling policy”, says Rena Tangens from the media team of the organizers. “Now, we have to take care that the surveillance laws, like data retention, have to be abolished – in Germany and whole of Europe.”

“A Policy which considers everybody to be a possible terrorist, child abuser or killer, destroys the basis of our democracy”, said Franziska Heine at the final manifestation. She initiated an online petition against censorship in the internet. Other speakers also talked about an electronic file about every student, storing information about the students and the electronical health card, storing information about every patient.

Here is link to the AKVorrat organization with more detailed information about civil rights in digital times.

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