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French UMP calls for Internet Censorship after Verbal “Faux Pas”

Posted in Uncategorized by s3k0nd on 15/09/2009

The french conservative party UMP is calling for more regulations on content distributed on the internet, which would be basically censorship. This happens after a video came up that shows their minister for interior, Brice Hortefeux, saying about arabic citizens that “You need them. When there is one it is ok. If there is more, then you get problems.”

“Il en faut toujours un. Quand il y en a un ça va. C’est quand il y en a beaucoup qu’il y a des problèmes”.

As always, the messenger is the problem and not the message itself! Henri Guaino, advisor of Nicolas Sarkozy, said at France Info that the internet must not be a zone of no laws, immorality and no values.

«Internet ne peut être la seule zone de non-droit, de non-morale de la société, la seule zone où aucune des valeurs habituelles qui permettent de vivre ensemble ne soient acceptées».

Of course, no reflection at all about the immoral character of Mr. Brice Hortefeux statement, nor any excuse. In the contrary there is a movement starting up called “Il faut sauver Brice Hortefeux” – “Saving Brice Hortefeux”, since vicious internet media does not allow any moments of looseness and moments of humor. Maybe Mr. Hortefeux should just stop making such “jokes” about people of the arabic community.

Video of MR. Brice Hortefeux at Seignosse dans les Landes (France South West).


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