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Germany turns to the dark side!

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Black regions were won by the conservatives (CDU), red (SPD) and violet (Die Linke)

Source Tagesschau.de – “wahlarchiv.tagesschau.de/wahlen/2009-09-27-BT-DE/kartegross.shtml”

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CDU and FDP win elections in Germany

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Yesterday elections in Germany turned out well for conservative party CDU of Angela Merkel and the liberals FDP. The SPD lost almost a third of their votes. Greens (Grüne) and the Left (Die Linke) improved their results. The Pirate party (Piratenpartei) won 2%, which corresponds to about 900 000 votes.

official preliminary results:

CDU/CSU: 33,8%
SPD: 23,0%
FDP: 14,6%
GRÜNE: 10,7%
LINKE: 11,9%
Piraten: 2,0%

Participation: 70,8%

What does this mean for german and european net politics?
First of all, this was the first german election where net politic played a role thanks to grand coalition (CDU/SPD) laws on Data Retention (Vorratsdatenspeicherung) and Internet Censorship (Internetsperren/Zensursula Gesetz).

The Pirate party clearly could benefit from the movement against these laws. Since the conservatives will form the new government the whole discussion will continue, which is “good” for the Pirates. The FDP promised to stop these laws and we will have to see if they are really interested in doing so or if they won’t be able to prevail. The SPD is becoming more and more irrelevant. With their decisions for internet censorship and data retention they clearly were unvotable for the majority of net avine people in addition they lost their socialist profile during 11 years of unsocial governing. There have to happen big chances in its inner structure to create a new attractive profile that will attract (left) voters in the future. The Greens improved their results but couldn’t profit of the SPD’s weakness as the Linke actually did. It was interesting that the Greens weren’t able to pick up frustrated voters from the net.

Preliminary results of german elections 2009

Prelininary results from sunday 18.42h, source ARD Tagesschau.

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